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“The theme for your virtual meeting, “Together”, calls you to gather as a worldwide family for fellowship and celebration, reflection and planning, this time in a more globally diverse way than ever, due to the new means of coming together”, reflected Sauca.

“Recent times have shown us that only together we, as one human family, can overcome the powers of destruction and death,” he wrote. " There are many loud voices today; some are dividing, degrading, defaming, discriminating, disorienting, misinforming, and even destroying.”

As followers of Jesus Christ we are called to proclaim the word of God in a world in which many communicate contradictory, false, and confusing messages as well as to discern God’s work of providence, Sauca continued.

“This discernment requires that we listen carefully, also to one another,” he wrote.

"We are called to respond together,” he reflected. “We are called to respond so that particularly those who desperately need our response, can hear God’s voice of peace, justice, and salvation – through us.”

Therefore, we are mutually accountable to one another for how we respond to God’s voice – together, Sauca added. “We all trust, in times like ours, that Christ’s love can reconcile and unite us as churches and as humanity,” he wrote. “Love is a deep and powerful attitude rooted in compassion and true human relationships, even through mutual belonging, service and self-giving.”

Christ’s love moves us to act, not for own interests, but for the care of others, concluded Sauca. “It is a love that seeks the signs of God’s kingdom: justice, peace and reconciliation,” he wrote. “It is an act of compassion and solidarity.”

As Christians we are bound together by the love of Christ, he added. “Dear sisters and brothers, we need one another’s concrete expressions of love,” he wrote. “The world needs our love in these times of turmoil.”

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Baptist World Congress – Together 2021