The large traditional brass oil lamp in the chapel of the Ecumenical Centre, presented by the churches in India, is lit as a sign of God's light.

During the same era, the World Council of Churches was established as another concrete expression of churches relating to one another and searching for visible unity in faith, witness, and service to the one humanity for freedom, justice and peace,” wrote Sauca. Now we gather to thank God and celebrate your inspiring witness for continuing this united journey over the last 75 years.”

Sauca reflected on the Church of South Indias consistency and obedience to the word of God, as a church, striving for a unity that reflects God's love and peace.

Through the strengthening of the spirit, you have been united in your witness, serving everyone irrespective of caste, creed or religion, making your prophetic witness evident through your solidarity with the marginalised,” wrote Sauca.

The gathering brings together in a celebratory and prayerful gathering of thousands of representatives from the 24 dioceses of the CSI, along with civic and governmental leaders alongside international partners. 

Dr Manoj Kurian who represented WCC at the celebrations noted the CSI has been an exemplary channel of God’s blessing to southern India and northern Sri Lanka. With over 4.3 million faithful members, the diaconal and educational services of the church through its  341 High Schools, 1704 Primary Schools, 94 colleges, 47 Technical Institutions, 24 Para Medical Institutions, 14 Professional Institutions, 50 Medical Centres and 343 Hostels, serves the wider community, with a preferential emphasis to minister to the most vulnerable.

It is our prayer that this inspiring witness of worship and work, to bring about justice, healing and dignity to all, will continue well into the future, Kurian added.

WCC member churches in India