”the vision of Pentecost still shines. It is energizing the Gospel for all creation: We witness it in the healing hands of those who care for all those afflicted and affected by the pandemic. We see it in the fire for social, economic, and climate justice...” reads the WCC Presidents’ Pentecost Message. | Image caption: A group of volunteers promote food distribution under a viaduct downtown Porto Alegre, Brazil. An average of 1,000 meals are distributed to homeless and unemployed people every week.


The message continues with some candid questions about Pentecost. Has it become just an individual spiritual experience? Does the vision seem to occupy a smaller and smaller piece of our minds geography and our theological landscape? Has it become the possession only of those privileged by knowledge, place, time?”

The WCC presidents emphasize the urgency of the moral and spiritual connection of humanity. We feel it in the urgency of women, young people, and elders for a new earth, as foretold by Joel the prophet,” the message reads. Indeed, if need is the criterion, now is the best of times for the rush of a mighty wind of renewal.”

The pain of a fearful future threatens every particle of creation, the message notes. We need the hope of the Pentecost vision of life and love,” the text reads. Yet how are we to become ecclesial communities fired by love of the Lord and united by passion for his people and his creation?”

Another question the message poses: Where shall we look for the Pentecostal hope that gives birth to a new heaven and a new earth? 

In our time, as in all times, Jesus invites us to follow him to the quivering heart of Pentecost among the poor, the prisoners, the sick, the hungry, and the ill-clothed,” the message reads. So, closely following our Saviour, let us receive, afresh, the promise of the Holy Spirit, renewing us, our times, and the face of the earth.”

Pentecost Message from the WCC Presidents, 2021

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity