Cross pictured with rays of light behind it, going in different upward directions.

The Christian faith does not have a holy language, but from that day of Pentecost in Jerusalem recorded in the book of Acts, Christians have celebrated that the Gospel can be heard in many different local languages, in the languages we learn from our parents and within the communities that form us,” the message reads. Christian faith is best lived, spoken and proclaimed in the language of our hearts.”

Today, the church worldwide, has many local languages, reflects the message. The Churchs linguistic diversity, and its diversity in so many other ways, is broad. AND, at the same time, the Churchs unity is deep, rooted in the one Holy Spirit. The miracle is that rich diversity and loving unity can hold hands. This is a gift of the Spirit. And it is one that our divided world so badly needs.”

Diversity is a gift of the Spirit, in the service of unity, the message concludes. This Pentecost, lets celebrate the diversity of the Church, of the world and of all creation, and also celebrate the holiness of the Spirit that makes us one.”

A message for the churches at Pentecost