"We offer condolences and prayers to those who lost loved ones, and to the many people and churches who are responding on the ground to this emergency,” said WCC deputy general secretary Rev. Dr Odair Pedroso Mateus. Mateus spoke on behalf of Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca, WCC acting general secretary, currently on vacation.

“As we consider the Haitian people in urgent need, we pray for God’s strength for them in the coming days,” Mateus said.

Hospitals were overwhelmed with patients, with people being treated in tents.

The earthquake was about 12 kilometers northeast of Saint-Louis-du-Sud and 10 kilometers deep, according to the US Geological Survey. There are reports of significant damage to homes, roads, and infrastructure, with 1,300 dead and several thousands injured.

Some of the worst damage was south of Grand'Anse.

Haiti is also in the cone of Tropical Storm Grace, and can expect tropical storm-force winds and heavy rain that could lead to flash flooding Monday into Tuesday.

Heavy rain could lead to localized flooding and mudslides across the region.


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