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Pillay added that the international community must hold those responsible accountable for the crimes committed against civilians. “The attack makes no sense, since it was directed against a hospital, church property, patients, and families who were seeking refuge from relentless bombardment on them,” he said. “The attack came on the same day when church leaders in Jerusalem organized a day of prayer for peace in Gaza.”

The time has come to call for a new approach to peace based on justice, said Pillay. “Violence leads to more violence, and bloodshed leads to more bloodshed,” he said. “Let the tragic events in Gaza serve as impetus for a new reality where Palestinians and Israelis enjoy peace, dignity, and security.”

This article was originally published at 18:40 (GMT+2) on 17 October 2023. 
A revised version of it was published at 17:39 (GMT+2) on 20 October 2023.

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