St. Mary's cathedral of Ethiopian Orthodox church in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Prayer service at the St. Mary's cathedral of Ethiopian Orthodox church in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, March 2017.


The recorded prayer was presented at the service, hosted by people and organizations working for peace in Ethiopia, including the Institute of Semitic Studies.

May your peace, given in Christ, be made real in the midst of tension, disagreement, heartbreak and devastation,” prayed Sauca. May your peace, that surpasses human understanding, be shed abroad in the hearts of all Ethiopians.”

The prayer also urges calm among the chaos that has unfolded in different communities throughout the nation of Ethiopia. God of all, we pray for the softening of peoples hearts one to the other, so that the hungry will be fed, the naked clothed, the needs of all are met,” Sauca prayed. Bring healing to all who are sick and hospitalized, especially those who have become infected with COVID-19; may those who care for sick and dying not grow weary in well-doing.”

The prayer asks for wisdom for leaders at all levels. May those who have taken up arms in anger, revenge or even in the cause of justice, be converted to embrace the pathway of peace through hopeful dialogue and constructive collaboration,” the prayer concluded. Grant, merciful God, we pray, peace in the nation of Ethiopia, so that there will be a return to the normalcy of daily living, without fear."

Prayer for the nation of Ethiopia

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