Karram, who is originally a Palestinian and also holds Israeli citizenship, is a Roman Catholic who first discovered the Focolare movement in 1977.

In the interview, she reflects on how dialogue can go beyond formal meetings or theological discussions. You really have to know that each one of us can be a gift to the other, and to know that I can learn from you and you can learn from me, and we are at the same level,she explained. I think thats what we can contribute to the WCC.

If we are still building walls within ourselves, we will not reach reconciliation, Karram added.

Its really not easy because you have to forget that the other maybe has hurt you, and you have to go beyond,she said. And the secret to going beyond, is Jesus on the cross, she said.

We dont love the cross—we love Jesus on the cross,she said. Jesus on the cross is the secret to unity.

WCC hosts Focolare community, with mutual commitment to “holding hands,” walking together