Rev. Fabian Kreischer

“I extend my sympathy most especially to Rev. Kreischer’s family who mourn and pray for peace and comfort at this difficult time. We hope and pray that the circumstances of his brutal assassination are being fully investigated, and justice will be made,” wrote Sauca.

Kreischer’s pastoral vocation, affirmed since his youth, led him to embrace many people, and during the last three years of his ministry he served at the San Pablo congregation and as vice president of the church. He also served as president of Servicio Evangelico de Diaconia.  He was 45 years old.

Rev. Gustavo Goméz Pascua, president of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church, expressed thankfulness to God for Kreischer’s testimony of life and the commitment. "We thank the Lord for the life and ministry of Fabian and we ask for the consolation that he comforts his loved ones and especially the Congregation San Pablo,” he said.

Read the condolence letter sent by Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca