God is generous,” Sauca said. Let us be generous towards one another, especially towards those who are in need.”

God is comforter, Sauca added. Let us stand in solidarity with all human beings in vulnerable situations, with the oppressed and the unfortunate around the world,” he said.

God is caregiver, he said. Let us care for the children of the world and work for their rights in health, education and security.”

God is just, Sauca added. Let us promote justice and equality in all societies and strive for full and equal citizenship for all.”

Our God created us in his image, Sauca said. "Let us restore this image in every human being so that we live in dignity,” he said. My wish for the world in the New year 2023 is healing and reconciliation, peace and security, justice and life in dignity.”

He concluded: I pray that our common work and collaboration, as one humanity in our diversity, continue to grow stronger and deeper witnessing to our human fraternity. Happy Christmas and Blessed New Year!”

The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity was established last year as a concrete response to the Document on Human Fraternity signed in Abu Dhabi in February 2019.

WCC video greetings to the High Committee on Human Fraternity