butterfly and bee on a flower

A butterfly on flowers in Comitancillo, Guatemala.


The conference, "Anthropology and Ecological Spirituality," focused on Psalms 8:4, "What is human that you think of him?" The event examined the complex relationship between humans and the rest of creation, highlighting the historical dominance of anthropocentric exploitation and advocating for a shift towards stewardship as envisioned in Christian ecological thought.

In his presentation, Andrianos emphasized the importance of ecological spirituality in combating consumerism and structural greed, which are the primary causes of ecological destruction. He stated, "The human being is only one species among billions on Planet Earth, and the human body is an ecosystem of microorganisms. According to the Bible, God commands humankind to live in humility and equity with Creation, reflecting God's omnipresence."

Prof. Fabien Revol, president of SOFTE, expressed gratitude for the continued collaboration with the WCC, stating, "We are grateful for the ecumenical spirit and support from the WCC and look forward to returning to Geneva for our future meetings."

The conference featured six in-depth presentations from notable eco-theologians from different denominations and regions on various aspects of ecological spirituality, including themes such as steering structural greed towards ecocentrism, moderated anthropomorphism, and African spirituality and ecology. 

WCC's involvement in the SOFTE 2024 meeting underscores its commitment to promoting ecological spirituality and addressing the anthropological questions essential for developing robust Christian ecological thinking,” stresses Andrianos.

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