Online visit to the Ecumenical Centre chapel in Geneva, Switzerland.

Yet warm greetings and mutual inspiration were still to be found. Focolare visitors heard a message from WCC interim general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca, who greeted them with joy.

“The worldwide fellowship of churches stands in solidarity with you as we pray for healing and recovery of humanity and all of God’s creation, especially during this time of uncertainty and fear caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Sauca. “In such circumstances, we realize how united we are as one humanity: we share the same fears, the same challenges, and the same yearning for the well-being of our one human family.”

The passion of the Focolare Movement to change the world inspires and motivates the rest of us, added Sauca. “In ways big and small, this generation is stepping up to meet the daunting challenges of climate change, economic inequality, the needs of migrants and refugees,” he said. “We pray with the fellowship across the globe that we shall all find in the love of Christ the courage and hope to continue firmly on the path to unity, justice and peace.”

Members of the Focolare community also participated in an online guided tour of the WCC chapel, and received the latest news about WCC programmes in which they are deeply involved.

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