WCC staff members meeting

WCC staff planning days take place on 2-6 October 2023 at the Ecumenical centre in Geneva, Switzerland.


Staff will also discuss the process of implementing the WCC strategic plan, and explore ways to move forward together as a staff community called to serve the WCC.

The week will contribute to the development a 3-year implementation plan and the finalization of plans and budgets for 2024. The week will also help prepare staff for moving offices 2024 from the Ecumencial Centre to the Kyoto building , part of the  Green Village development project.

Implementation plenary sessions will combine with workshops to help develop an integrated approach to implementing the WCC strategic plan 2023-2030. As staff share skills and knowledge to strengthen collaboration in their work, they will also welcome new colleagues and build community. 

An expected outcome of the Staff Planning Days will be an implementation plan to help integrate and monitor WCC work and activities. Plans and budgets for 2024 will also be revised for presentation to the executive committee.

Staff will also participate in prayers and Bible studies.

WCC Strategic Plan 2023-2030, inspired by pilgrimage, approved by governing body (WCC news release, 27 June 2023)