There are currently 400 patients there,” noted WCC moderator Bishop Dr Heinrich Bedford-Strohm. In addition, 12,000 civilians have sought refuge there.”

Bedford-Strohm said the WCC takes this call very seriously and urges the Israeli government and military to refrain from doing anything that endangers the lives of innocent civilians in a protected space such as a hospital. 

Hospitals are protected under international law,” said Bedford-Strohm. Any attack on them would be a war crime.”

At the same time, Bedford-Strohm called on Hamas to refrain from anything that uses these protected spaces as a shield for its own military activities or command structures. That, too, is a war crime under international law,” said Bedford-Strohm. The killing of innocent people must stop.”

He urged opening the door to a just peace for both Israelis and Palestinians. In the hour of worst suffering, the urgency is all the greater,” he said.

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