World Council of Churches general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit will attend the Global Conference of Human Fraternity in Abu-Dhabi on 3-4 February along with Dr Ahmad At-Tayyeb, Grand Imam of Al Azhar, and Pope Francis.

Organized by the Muslim Council of Elders, the conference will convene prominent international religious, intellectual and media personalities.  The conference will feature speakers and participants spanning diverse faiths, promoting the upholding of tolerance and love as optimal tools to achieve peaceful coexistence.

The gathering aims to counter the culture of hatred that disrupts peace and security. The agenda will feature knowledge sessions focusing on a wide spectrum of themes related to human fraternity, aimed at stimulating discussions on promoting a culture of peace as an alternative to violence and conflicts based on ideological and ethnic differences. The event will reinforce citizenship as an overarching concept, recognized by all religions and human charters.

The conference will also examine ways to strengthen cooperation between East and West to achieve global peace, as well as the responsibility of international humanitarian organizations to maintain harmony and security. Its sessions will highlight the role of religious, educational, cultural and media organizations in raising awareness of the importance of human fraternity in society.

Attendees will also discuss the challenges and opportunities facing human fraternity, outlining a course of action to leverage human conscience and religious ethics to address the underlying causes of violence, such as selfishness, intolerance and hatred.

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