Candle light burning by the water

Photo: Albin Hillert/Life on Earth pictures

The raging wars and internal conflicts in the world, like the wars between Ukraine and Russia and between Israel and Palestine, and internal conflicts in Ethiopia, Haiti, Myanmar, Nigeria, and Sudan, among others, remind us how much the world needs peace and harmony,” Pillay wrote. When religions are being co-opted to champion religion-phobia and other forms of polarisation and discrimination promoted by religious nationalism, the commemoration of Vesakh calls us to pay attention to the peaceful ways of Shakyamuni Buddha.”

Pillay reflects that the Bible teaches us to extend love to even ones enemies and do good to those who hate us. Similarly, the Dhammapada says, hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world. This is a law eternalwhich counters hatred with non-hatred to overcome violence,” Pillay wrote. May our shared vocation lead us towards translating this spiritual vision into social and political will to address the challenges of our times.”

He also expressed gratitude for the many opportunities that the WCC has had to work alongside Buddhist sisters and brothers. As we work towards intra-Christian unity by upholding the love of Jesus Christ, we are mindful of its broader vision for the unity of humanity and creation,” he wrote. We hope and pray that the years ahead will open up more opportunities for deepening collaboration to overcome suffering in its various forms.”


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