Java and West Papua, Indonesia

WCC Pilgrim teams visited Java and West Papua in Indonesia on February, 2019.


At least 15 people are dead following the eruption, and hundreds of residents have been displaced. Mount Semeru is the tallest volcano on the Indonesian island of Java.

Search and recovery efforts continue after the volcano spewed hot ash and mud into nearby villages, damaging nearly 3,000 houses and 38 schools.

Amid the chaos and the loss, we pray for you, we stand in solidarity with you, and we want to share our condolences with the families and loved ones of the victims,” said Sauca. We pray for Gods mercy on those who are injured. We pray that God might guide the churches and the rescue workers responding to the needs of the people.

We want to assure you that our solidarity and prayers will be ongoing as you continue to cope with the devastation of this disaster,” said Sauca.

People living up to six miles away from the volcano have been urged to evacuate. Mount Semeru last erupted in January and is considered one of Indonesia's most active volcanos.

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