Rev. Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay, general secretary of the World Council of Churches.


I hope that this message can convey the hopes of the whole ecumenical fellowship of the World Council of Churches and my heartfelt prayers that your gathering will bolster your unity, strengthen your resolve, and further solidify your shared commitment to walk as disciples of our Lord, Jesus Christ in the North Moluccas,” said Pillay. Through massive social change, frequent turmoil, and personal danger, you, the people of God in Halmahera, have persevered not just in your faith in God and commitment to each other, but also in lending your hearts and minds to constructive dialogue and interchange with your neighbours.”

Pillay acknowledged that recent years have been especially difficult ones for the Evangelical Christian Church in Halmahera. Yet you inspire us in the global fellowship, the whole oikoumene,” he said. We see you persevere, united as people of faith, despite upheavals and turmoil.”

Pillay saiid he was heartened to learn that the Evangelical Christian Church in Halmahera is meeting under the theme and banner of Christ, the Alpha and Omega.”

So, as you join hands and hearts in these days for worship and fellowship and deliberation, we in the wider fellowship greet you and salute you and hope to encourage you in your faith, your journey, and your shared labours,” Pillay concluded. May God’s Spirit bless you and keep you safe and bring great fruit from your time together!”

WCC Greetings to the 2nd Annual Synod Assembly of the Evangelical Christian Church in Halmahera (GMIH)