15 June 2018, Geneva, Switzerland: Opening prayer. With a densely packed agenda, the chief governing body of the WCC, the Central Committee, gathers for its biennial meeting on 15-21 June 2018. Among the chief tasks are a midterm review of the council’s programmes, decisions about the venue and theme of the next WCC assembly in 2021, monitoring and evaluating the ongoing foundational work of the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace, updates on the emerging Green Village real-estate development, reception of the new landmark study of ecumenical diakonia (the churches’ service), and addressing a variety of public issues.


Your installation is coming in an unprecedented time when the churches and people of Nigeria continue to seek solutions to the numerous challenges of insecurity, poverty, hunger, kidnapping for ransom, religion extremism, and all forms of criminalities that have bedevilled the nation of Nigeria,” said WCC acting general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca.

I am confident that your spiritual leadership and your long history of denomination and ecumenical engagement will promote the spiritual and ecumenical endeavours of the church and its mission work and theological contributions.”

The WCC also extended its appreciation for the longstanding cooperation and collaboration of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria over the years. We hope for continuation of fruitful cooperation with the church under your leadership while strengthening our ecumenical relations in our common Pilgrimage for Justice, Reconciliation, and Unity in Nigeria and the global community,” said Sauca.

WCC greetings to new prelate and moderator of Presbyterian Church of Nigeria