Candle at the Chapel of the Ecumenical centre

Dr Gabriel Habib witnessed to the vocation of the Christian presence and witness in the Middle East, as well as the need for Christians to be in dialogue with the great religions of the East,” said Sauca.

Even before the founding of the Middle East Council of Churches in 1974, as Beirut secretary of the Orthodox Youth Movement, and as the first full-time secretary general of Syndesmos, Habib played an important role in fostering an ecumenical spirit at the grassroots level and in the involvement of the younger generation as a courageous and energetic factor of renewal and witness in the life of the church.

Gabriel Habib was committed to Orthodox churches being committed to the ecumenical movement and witnessing to the tradition of the one holy and undivided church without compromising their theological convictions,” said Sauca. The World Council of Churches is particularly grateful for his membership in the Special Commission on Orthodox Participation in the WCC, and we give thanks for his life and witness.”

WCC condolences letter on the passing of Dr Gabriel Habib