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It is with great sorrow that we are following the news of the casualties, suffering, and devastation caused by the floods in your region in the last days,” reads the letter. "On behalf of the global ecumenical fellowship represented by the World Council of Churches we want to express our deepest condolences to you for all the lives lost in this terrible context.”

In the letter, Abuom and Sauca prayed for the God of life to give strength to communities and churches as they respond with relief, shelter and compassion for those affected by the floods.

In this time when a heavy burden lies upon your people, we remember with thankfulness your tireless efforts to assist peoples and nations worldwide, not lastly through the committed diaconal work of your churches and specialized ministries,” the letter reads. Be assured that you are held by our prayers and solidarity in this challenging time.

We echo His Excellency German President Frank-Walter Steinmeiers concerns about the root causes of this disaster as well as his affirmation that only an effective fight against climate change can prevent natural disasters like the ones that are devastating Europe at this time,” reads the letter. We extend our sympathy most especially to the families who mourn, and I pray for peace and comfort at this difficult time.”

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