Bishop Samuel Aguilar Curi

Bishop Samuel Aguilar Curi, from the Methodist Church of Peru.


Sauca was replying to a letter sent by Bishop Samuel Aguilar Curi of the Methodist Church of Peru on 12 November, in which the he urged the authorities to place the common good, the right to life of all people, with justice, equality and peace, above any individual interest or desire for power.

“I have been attentively following the latest reports on the fragile moment through which Peru is passing, marked by political and economic uncertainty, protests – some of them violent – in the midst of a pandemic that is in itself already a heavy burden on your people,” Sauca wrote. “As Peru prepares to celebrate the 200 years of independence in 2021, stability and the constant affirmation of democratic practices and institutions acquire an even more important value.”

Sauca called on WCC member churches to hold the churches of Peru in prayer, and also called on Peruvian authorities to defend the dignity of the Peruvian people.

He wrote to the Methodist bishop: “As you seek to comfort, encourage and help your people, I have no doubt that your commitment to the gospel message of love, sacrifice and service will be a powerful witness to God’s love.”

Rev. Darío Barolin, executive secretary of the Latin American Alliance of Reformed and Presbyterian Churches, also released a statement about the political crisis in Peru. “Peru, our sibling nation, is mired in a profound crisis and in the uncertainty of death and suffering,” Barolin stated. “Already victimized by a high incidence of COVID-19 infections and death, Peru now finds itself in a political crisis that has further undermined the credibility of government institutions and weakened its democratic systems.”

Peru’s political system will find no solutions to the current crisis if it continues to shelter corruption, Barolin continued. “We pray for the people of Peru and that God might raise up among them leaders who seek to serve the population, show compassion for the vulnerable, are sensitive to God’s creation, and are committed to justice,” said Barolin. “We pray for all who have lost loved ones in the demonstrations and we await justice for those whose actions caused injury, death and disappearances.”

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