Women walk on countryside gravel road on a cloudy day.

A group of women walk towards the Borgop refugee camp, Cameroon.


We lament the continuing and resurgent challenges of racism, xenophobia and related discrimination and intolerance, and re-affirm the commitment of the global ecumenical fellowship to the equal human dignity and rights of all people as children of God…” reads the statement. We recognise the establishment of this Forum as a milestone in the fight against racial injustice.”

The WCC executive committee communicated awareness that there are countries that have been hesitant or resistant to the furthering of proposals that might lead to a systematic engagement in addressing historic inequities and injustices. Therefore as a fellowship of churches we invite these countries to come to this new table of further reflection and repair with a renewed openness to ways in which this conversation can be deepened in order to move towards justice and reconciliation,” reads the statement.

The WCC executive committee is meeting—in-person for the first time in two years—from 12-17 November at the Bossey Ecumenical Institute.

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