Woman walks with cattle in sandy field.

A woman escorts her goats as she walks to fetch water in Lugi, a village in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, in 2018.


Though this visit was planned already in early 2020 in light of the political upheavals and transitions of 2019, it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” reads the statement. "In the meantime, in October 2021, a military coup displaced again the civilian governmental leadership, in a development which this executive committee described as a betrayal of the revolution of 2019 and of the country's own Constitutional Document and other foundational documents of the transition.”

The purpose of the ecumenical solidarity visit was to accompany the churches and people of Sudan in the midst of significant changes and challenges in the country.

In the statement, the executive committee affirms this initiative, expresses its support for the churches of Sudan in their witness and ministry, and encourages national ecumenical cooperation in addressing the needs of Sudans people at this pivotal point in the history of their nation.”

The statement also encourages the All Africa Conference of Churches, Fellowship of Christian Councils and Churches in the Great Lakes and the Horn of Africa,and indeed all ecumenical partners and specialized ministries with the means to do so to offer their support and accompaniment to the churches and people of Sudan and to the Sudan Council of Churches during this period of re-building and re-engagement.”

Statement on Ecumenical Solidarity Visit to Sudan

As WCC executive committee convenes, the global fellowship provides space “for listening and caring for one another” (31 May 2022)