Tower of the Chateau de Bossey

The executive committee plans to approve 2022 programme plans and budget, including the assembly budget and the Green Village property development project, particularly the strategy for the Kyoto building. 

The WCC governing body will also monitor preparations for the assembly, including the impact of pandemic-related restrictions on participation, and will confirm member church delegations as well as nominate additional delegates. 

The executive committee will also approve a framework agenda for the WCC central committee, scheduled to meet 10-17 February 2022 in Geneva.

Strengthening global advocacy, the WCC executive committee will also be issuing public statements in response to critical situations affecting the fellowship of WCC member churches.

With a focus beyond the assembly as well, the executive committee will reflect on the life and work of the fellowship and the future of the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace as a strategic direction beyond the assembly, and discuss strategies for the renewal of WCC leadership and programme staff after the assembly.

The WCC governing body will also be celebrating the Bossey Ecumenical Institute’s 75th anniversary, and will be able to interact with Bossey students to express joy over past accomplishments as well as hope for future endeavors.

The meeting takes place in a hybrid setup at the Ecumenical Institute and on video conference.

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