World Council of Churches central committee moderator Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm speaks as people gather at the Ecumenical Centre to share greetings.


Bishop Dr Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, moderator of the WCC central committee said “As moderator I am looking forward to our meeting. We need a strong WCC as a voice of love, faith and hope in a torn world. In our meeting we will deal with internal issues which will help WCC develop and keep the strength to live up to its calling.” 

Bedford-Strohm added “But we will also deal with our role in the world and reflect upon how we can help generating dialogue, overcoming violence and promoting justice. Since the challenges are global, the answers to these challenges must be global, too. That is why the role of WCC is so important.”

The leadership body will also review programme reports and audited financial results for 2022, and review progress with the development of consultative bodies, as well as membership matters. The agenda also includes reviewing recommendations of the Permanent Committee on Consensus and Collaboration.

A priority will also be to address concerns related to the situation in Sudan and to food insecurity.

The WCC executive committee expects to receive the Moderator's Address and the report of the general secretary, 2022 narrative programme reports and monitor programme work, as well as approve advisory group terms of reference and receive the report of the audit committee.

The governing body also expects to adopt the 2022 financial statements and conduct financial monitoring, receive reports of the Green Village steering committee and draft transaction review process, and forward recommendations on membership matters to the central committee.

Reflecting the WCCs priority for youth involvement with youth advisors to the central committee.

WCC executive committee 22-26 May 2023

Consensus decision making

Permanent Committee on Consensus and Collaboration

WCC delegation to Ukraine

WCC delegation to Russia

Media accreditation to the central committee open