Green Village project visualisation

Programme plans and budget

A review of proposed 2021 programme plans will take into account the shift to online work and how WCC work for unity continues as a pilgrimage of justice and peace. In 2021 the pilgrimage will continue with a regional focus on North America and a thematic focus on racial justice and solidarity with Indigenous Peoples.

The executive committee will review the current financial situation of the WCC, including the approval of the 2021 budget.

Green Village

Further to the recommendations of the steering committee, the executive committee will consider decisions on strategy for the next phase of the project, and the prospect of developing offers to two NGOs and an international organisation, interested in Green Village office buildings.

WCC 11th Assembly

The executive committee will receive an update on the work of the Assembly Planning Committee and provide further direction as may be needed to continue preparations for the  WCC 11th Assembly to be held in Karlsruhe, Germany from 31 August-8 September 2022. The executive committee will review the report “From Busan to Karlsruhe” as well as plans for a pre-assembly programme evaluation.

Overcoming racism

The executive committee will review detailed plans and a budget for a new programmatic response to overcoming racism. The plans reinforce existing work and seek to strengthen the ecumenical response to the increasing manifestations of racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia.

Ongoing implications of COVID-19

The executive committee will discuss how best to support WCC member churches in continuing to be beacons of hope and accurate information during the COVID-19 pandemic.In light of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the way WCC governing bodies make decisions and the experience of the executive committee in using electronic communications, the executive committee will review a report on how to improve the use of electronic communications for consultation and decision making.

WCC executive committee explores ways to “be a voice of reason and support” - WCC news release (21 July 2020)

WCC resources in view of the Coronavirus