Smoke and dust as people walk on a gravel road.

The humanitarian situation in Ethiopia has been difficult for many years, with droughts, ethnic tensions and conflict affecting the lives of many. Here, dust and smoke fill the air in Bale Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia.


The executive committee reiterates and underscores the concerns raised in its November 2020 statement regarding the political instrumentalization of ethnic differences, threatening the very fabric of the nation and the security of all its people,” reads the statement. Again, we urge all parties to the ongoing violent conflicts to remember the extremity of suffering inflicted on the people of Ethiopia by conflict and division in the past and now.”

The WCC executive committee also appealed for a retreat from the precipice of a new catastrophe.

The victims of this renewed conflict are and will be the people of Ethiopia,” the statement reads.

The WCC executive committee is meeting—in-person for the first time in two years—from 12-17 November at the Bossey Ecumenical Institute.

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