Photo: Paul Jeffrey/ACT Alliance

Photo: Paul Jeffrey/ACT Alliance

Expressing its deep disappointment at US withdrawal from the 2015 Paris Agreement, the WCC has urged renewed commitment by churches and praised local communities and  governments for their reaffirmation of climate commitments.

”The US President's decision to withdraw from its commitment to lower green house gas emissions as well as to financing the Green Climate Fund has grave consequences for the impoverished and vulnerable, for our children's children, and for the entire planet, putting at risk people's access to clean water, food, shelter and secure livelihoods, and undermining efforts for environmental sustainability and for peace,” said the WCC’s executive committee statement.

Gathered in Bossey, Switzerland, June 7-12, the 25-member executive committee addressed a range of programmatic and public issues. It meets every six months to guide the work of the council between biennial gatherings of the WCC central committee.

Voicing its resolve, the committee’s statement said, ”We will continue to work even harder with movements, multi-faith groups and likeminded governments to build climate-resilient communities. As Christians, we do not only have hope, we will live out that hope in action.”

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WCC Executive Committee to focus on unity, WCC press release 8 June, 2017

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