Sing indicating a parking spot for wheelchairs

In an editors note, Angeline Okola, programme executive for the WCC Ecumenical Disabilities Advocates Network, reflects that technology and humans will continue to shape and influence each other in a symbiotic relationship.

This therefore calls on us to create a more inclusive and equitable cyber environment for all, recognising the significant opportunities and risks that the digital space poses especially for persons with disabilities,” she writes. The expansion of mobile networks and adoption of new technologies presents exciting opportunities for economic and human development.”

But women and girls with disabilities are at risk of being left behind in the race to adopt technology and get online, Okola notes. Since the digital revolution is here with us, we need to ensure that as many people as possible can get access to the internet,” she writes. With the current statistics, 37% of women dont have access to the internet globally—how about women with disabilities?”

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