Barbed wire against sunset.

11 March 2022: Sunset and barbed wire over a fence near the Vyšné Nemecké border crossing between Slovakia and Ukraine. The border crossing at Vyšné Nemecké sees up to some 10,000 refugees from Ukraine cross each day, with faith-based and humanitarian organisations providing immediate support to people as they come into Slovakia.


As we look around, we see only signs of destruction and death,” writes Sauca. The victims of economic and ecological injustices are increasing throughout the world.”

Sauca acknowledges that the pandemic has widened the gap between rich and poor, between the powerful and the vulnerable. Cruel wars in Ukraine and elsewhere in the world are taking thousands of innocent lives, allowing all sorts of atrocities, destroying everything in their way, and multiplying the waves of displaced and refugees,” he writes. Violence against women, children, elderly people and those who are different from us is dramatically increasing.”

Desolation and hopelessness seem to prevail everywhere, he laments—but ultimately God of life prevails.

Strengthened by our faith and hope, we should not be afraid, we should not despair when we see what happens in our world today but confront it with courage,” he writes. Looking at the empty tomb and listening to the angels voice, we discover in the midst of the darkness of our world a life of light, joy, love, and newness.”

Icon showing women at empty grave of Jesus

Illustration: Resurrection Icon Myrrhbearing women Empty tomb. Photo by Ted/Flickr, Creative Commons license

Christs resurrection ever reminds us that, ultimately, God, the God of life, prevails over all powers of sin and death, Sauca reflects.

Christs resurrection is the source of a new life recreating and renewing all things in Christ,” Sauca writes. It is a source of healing, wholeness, and renewal.”

Christs resurrection brings joy for the sorrowful, light for those living in darkness, liberation for those oppressed, reflects Sauca. It leads the world to unity and reconciliation,” the message reads. Christs resurrection is the power offering to the world the possibility and the chance for a new beginning.”

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