Photo: Albin Hillert/WCC

Photo: Albin Hillert/WCC

The World Council of Churches has published Freedom of Religion or Belief: A guide to biblical insights, as part of online training offered through the Freedom of Religion or Belief Learning Platform.

The guide offers reflections and focus questions on how the Bible speaks of human rights, human dignity, universalism and other subjects. It also explores the Bible and the concept of justice, as well as the importance of the freedom to have, choose, change, or leave a religion.

Readers will also learn what history and the Bible teach us about living in peace with others, free from discrimination, intolerance, and violence. The guide also explores how Christians can promote freedom of religion or belief.

Religious tolerance for peaceful co-existence in society is a must if humankind is to flourish,reads the introduction to the guide. Yet, minorities who hold different beliefs from the majority are often perceived as a threat, then are stigmatized and used as scapegoats, creating unfounded and irrational fears.

The Freedom of Religion or Belief Learning Platform is developing three online training courses, one for trainers, one for community leaders and one for development professionals working in contexts of gross violations of freedom of religion of belief.

The goal is to develop an international network of trainers from a wide variety of religious and belief backgrounds and a wide range of organisations.

The platform is an initiative of the Nordic Ecumenical Network on Freedom of Religion or Belief in partnership with a wide range of secular and faith-based organisations that seek to promote the human right to freedom of religion or belief for all.

Freedom of Religion or Belief: A guide to biblical insights

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