street market in Dhaka, Bangladesh

A street market in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


“As you step into this new leadership role, on behalf of the World Council of Churches and its global fellowship representing 580 million people worldwide, our thoughts, best wishes and sincere prayers are with you,” Sauca wrote. “As the first African, and the first woman, to lead the WTO, and as a parent yourself, you are in a good position to understand and represent the need for a fair and transparent multilateral trading system that promotes inclusive and sustainable development for current and future generations.”

The world is facing the exacerbating challenges posed by COVID-19, Sauca noted. “In the current historical moment in which the world is reeling from the social as well as the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we also affirm your commitment to ensuring that international trade policy and practice helps and does not hinder the global response to the pandemic, so that all countries have equitable access to the lifesaving vaccines, medicines and medical equipment required for care and prevention.”

Sauca wrote. “It is our hope and prayer that your leadership will contribute to building the livelihoods of people and the resilience of communities, through international economic governance guided by principles of justice,” he said. “May you be blessed to take on this vital role at this crucial juncture, to make a positive path ahead for nations.”