Dr Audeh Quawas

Dr Audeh Quawas.


Dr. Quawas is also chairman of the Central Committee of the Department of the Service for Palestinian Refugees in the Middle East Council of Churches. He is a member of the WCC central committee as well.

“I wish you God’s blessing in your new appointment,” said Sauca. “You bring a rich and impressive set of experiences and commitments to this work, not only in your knowledge and responsibilities with the ecumenical movement but in your pastoral presence and personal engagement to the issues of justice and peace in the Middle East region.” He added “You are a cherished and highly appreciated resource to our fellowship with your constructive reasoning and rightful approach, and so may you continue as a member of the Jordanian Senate enriching the work of this council under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah for the good of Jordan and of the entire region.”

Message from the Middle East Council of Churches