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Photo: Marcelo Schneider/WCC, 2019.

Photo: Marcelo Schneider/WCC, 2019.

The World Council of Churches (WCC) condemned violence, racism and police brutality in the US, following the death of George Floyd, a black man who was unarmed, at the hands of a police officer.

As part of our Christian understanding and our witness in the world, we reject the brutality of both violence and racial injustice,reads a WCC statement. “We therefore express our revulsion at the killing of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis, and call for full accountability for those responsible for his death.

The WCC fellowship grieves for all victims of excessive force employed by US law enforcement authorities against people of colour. “How many more must die before there is a collective affirmation that black lives do matter, and fundamental root-and-branch reforms in the culture and practices of law enforcement agencies are implemented?” the WCC stated. "This must stop.

"There must be a conversion (metanoia), reflection, repentance and rejection of all forms of racism and racial discrimination, and a true and genuine acknowledgement of the equal God-given dignity and worth of every human being, regardless of colour or ethnicity," continues the statement.

Superficial measures will no longer suffice,the statement reads. “Criminal prosecution must surely follow, as well as fundamental reforms in law enforcement."

Society itself must change, the statement acknowledges. However, violence will never be ended by more violence,the text continues. "We call on those now expressing their anger in violent protest to end the violence, but to strengthen peaceful demands for accountability and reform until justice is done.

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