Jerusalem skyline

A 16-year-old boy was killed, and at least 18 others were wounded. A search is underway for suspects.

There is a particular horror in any such attack which takes place at public locations where young people are going to school, others are going to work, and innocent lives are lost to extremist violence,” he said. The WCC condemns this violence unequivocally, as we do all violence between the peoples and communities of this region which has seen so much bloodshed.”

Violence, collective punishments, and communal attacks can only further damage the prospects of peace and justice for all, Sauca added.

It is important that all responsible authorities – including civil, religious and law enforcement – take proactive steps to prevent any reprisals by extremist groups,” he urged.

The tensions and tragedies of this city—holy to Jews, Christians, and Muslims—are a reminder both of the need for all parties to continue to work intensively for a just peace in Israel and Palestine, and of the vital place that Jerusalem itself plays in that longed-for peace.”

Sauca extended condolences on behalf of the WCC global fellowship, urging: Let us pray for the victims, their families, and close ones as well as the people of the Holy Land.”

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