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2022: Irpin in Kyiv region, Ukraine.


On behalf of the World Council of Churches, allow me to express my compassion with for victims and their families,” said Pillay. This is attack is a serious violation of international humanitarian law.”

Pillay emphasized that humanitarian workers and civilian populations must never be targets in conflict. Their vehicles were targeted, according to a UN report.

HEKS/EPER is a member of the ACT Alliance.

In this moment of great sorrow, we join HEKS and ACT Alliance in strongly condemning this unjustifiable attack,” said Pillay. The World Council of Churches are mourning with you and their families the loss of these innocent lives who so graciously serve the needs of others.”

Pillay concluded: Such attacks which take the lives of innocent people are a sin against God who offers life as a divine gift. May God heal the deep wounds caused by these losses and injuries.”

During 2023, 50 humanitarian workers were killed or injured in Ukraine. In January 2024, five humanitarian workers were injured. International humanitarian law prohibits the targeting of humanitarian workers.

May the Lord of life protect us all from the aggressions of hate and intolerance!” said Pillay.

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