Hands in prayer

The prayer was among many daily opportunities for the WCC governing body to pray together for peace and justice in a fragile world. The WCC leaders also prayed for and remembered those lost to COVID-19 and other causes.

Transform our divisions and reshape our vision,” the central committee prayed.

Rev. Gloria Ulloa Alvarado, WCC president for Latin America and the Caribbean, offered a reflection on what it means to listen to Jesus.

The call today is therefore to listen to Jesus and ask ourselves about our love for him who is the life, who is the way, who is the light,” said Alvarado. He invites us to love so deeply to the point where we can do what Peter did: care for Gods flock, for the world, its people, its territories, its planet, life, water, fight against climate change, fight against economic powers of death, the powers that violently destroy life.”

Alvarado reflected that God invites us, as he did with Peter, to love to the point of surrendering our own lives for that saving love. God becomes, transforms himself into power, is glorified through our weaknesses,” she said. Let us tend to Gods flock in such a way that Christs love moves the world to reconciliation and unity' in the context of this pandemic, which has exacerbated ambition and injustice, and that strengthens our commitment to unity, reconciliation, and the well-being of our communities.”

The WCC central committee met via videoconference 9-15 February to prepare for the WCC 11th Assembly, address business matters, strengthen the WCC fellowship through sharing, and pray for peace in the world, particularly in Ukraine.

Sermon by Rev. Gloria Ulloa Alvarado, WCC president for Latin America and the Caribbean

WCC central committee meeting 2022