“In the face of escalating confrontation and heightened risks of catastrophic conflict” on the Korean peninsula, the World Council of Churches has urged that “a paradigm shift in approaches to the resolution of the geopolitical challenges of the region is urgently needed.”

In its statement, the WCC’s executive committee also offered a range of bold ideas to further “the ecumenical movement’s support for and engagement in new initiatives for dialogue and peaceful coexistence on the Korean peninsula,” including a freeze on the annual joint US-South Korean military exercises, halting further missile or nuclear weapons tests by North Korea, suspension of international sanctions against North Korea, ecumenical efforts toward a peace treaty to replace the armistice agreement of 1953, continued efforts to address ongoing issues of human rights, and stepped up support for encounter, exchange, and dialogue among Christians North and South.

Gathered in Bossey, Switzerland, June 7-12, the 25-member executive committee addressed a range of programmatic and public issues. It meets every six months to guide the work of the council between biennial gatherings of the WCC central committee.

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WCC Executive Committee to focus on unity, WCC press release 8 June, 2017

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