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Coinciding with World Food Day on 16 October, Rev. Dr Kenneth Mtata, WCC progamme director for Public Witness and Diakonia, will co- facilitate a global prayer call on 16 October. This event aims to unify global voices in prayer, reflection, and worship. In collaboration with 15 Christian organizations, the initiative will emphasize seeking divine guidance and fostering dedicated action against hunger.

“Hunger is a justice question because while some have too much, others have nothing to eat. At the basic level, the Christian exhortation to share can heal this injustice. At a higher level, we must undo the systems that relegate huge sections of humanity to hunger,” said Mtata.

Drawing inspiration from Isaiah 58's call to loose the chains of injustice, untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free...and share our food with the hungry,” the WCC advocates for sharing resources and providing shelter as means to address this crisis. The WCC encourages individuals, communities, and organizations globally to engage deeply, pray earnestly, and pledge proactive efforts to tackle the hunger challenge.

All are invited to participate in this pivotal event, embracing the collective goal of advancing towards a world free from hunger.

Week of Prayer & Action Against Hunger 14-16 October 2023

Register for global prayer call 16 October 11 am CET or 6 pm CET

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