Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Lesotho. Albin Hillert/WCC 2017

Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Lesotho. Albin Hillert/WCC 2017

The World Council of Churches and All Africa Conference of Churches, in a joint statement, urged closer collaboration between church and church-health facilities and associations.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges in the world,” reads the message. “In Africa, socio-economic structures and livelihoods have been disrupted.”

There is also a corresponding pandemic of fake news and misinformation, continues the message.

“We are encouraged with dynamic relationships in some countries between churches and church health facilities, whereby Christian health professionals support churches in providing health education, dispelling rumours and misinformation, as well as accompanying the leadership of churches as they make pertinent decisions,” reads the message. “In other places, however, churches and church health facilities are working in isolation and the health facilities are not part of the life and witness of the churches, or cooperation is only along denominational lines.”

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