St Gregory Cathedral of the Holy See of Cilicia in Lebanon.

His Holiness, bishops and priests during the divine liturgy at the altar of St Gregory Cathedral of the Holy See of Cilicia in Lebanon.


“Following the 1915 Armenian Genocide, the survivors relocated to the Middle East, alongside their church headquarters which was offered refuge and a new home in this vibrant and diverse country,” Hrant says.

“Today, while partaking in the central committee of the WCC, the Armenian Orthodox Church also marks the 26th anniversary of the election and consecration of Catholicos Aram I with a special ceremony of prayer for the Pontiff, held in Armenian churches around the globe. This unique co-occurrence reminded me of His Holiness' re-election as moderator of the WCC at the Harare assembly. I was still a young choir member at that time, and remember how it instilled in me the love and passion for ecumenism,” he continued.

“And here we are many years later, having as a human population survived a pandemic. I pray that our Triune God would shine the divine healing light on the world, so that we may return to some form of normalcy. But all the while, with all the ups and downs that may emerge, as Christians it is our duty to pray for and earnestly hope...’thy kingdom come.’” 

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