Justice and peace banners

WCC's Commission on World Mission and Evangelism pre-assembly event in Manila, Philippines, 23 March 2012.


“A member church of the WCC, the UCCP has shown unwavering commitment to standing up  for justice and peace for the Filipino people, and for respect and protection of human dignity and human rights in the Philippines,” said Sauca in a video message. “For your humanitarian and educational work with rural, urban poor and indigenous communities and for your prophetic critique of the current political situation, the UCCP has been unjustly ‘red-tagged.’ ”

UCCP pastors and church workers have been threatened and arrested on false charges. “Several church workers have even been killed,” Sauca said. “Throughout this ongoing ordeal, the UCCP has refused to be silenced.”

Such faith and courage are a powerful inspiration to the worldwide ecumenical fellowship and beyond, he added.

“In alignment with the numerous statements the WCC has issued on the human rights situation in the Philippines, we call on the Philippine government to stop ‘red-tagging’ churches and civil society organisations, to end the war on drugs, to take measures to hold human rights violators accountable, and to respect and uphold the human rights of the Filipino people,” he said. “At the same time, we pray for rich blessings on the UCCP and its transformative ministries.”

WCC member churches in the Philippines