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The flag, which depicts the assembly colors and logo, is a highly visible symbol of how Karlsruhe is welcoming global ecumenism at a local level. As 4,000 participants from 352 churches and 120 countries around the world stream into the city, Karlsruhes churches and community organizations are offering diverse religious and cultural programming—and inviting all to join.  

During the days of the assembly, around 250 publicly accessible events will be offered at eight locations in throughout the city of Karlsruhe.

From concerts, a creative youth programme, and worship services, to workshops concerning the topics of justice, peace, ecumenism and climate protection, local hosts are offering a plethora of activities.

The mayor of Karlsruhe, Frank Mentrup, expressed how much he is looking forward to the large Christian assembly. At the assembly of the World Council of Churches, we welcome to Karlsruhe people from all around the world, who will communicate with us and one another about the topics relevant to our present and future,” he said. In Karlsruhe, personal and ecumenical histories are written.”

Mentrup welcomed everyone to enjoy the diverse local programme—whether that means attending worship services, viewing art, participating in cultural events, and even being dazzled by the nightly palace light shows. Thus, this encounter between and with many people from all over the world is at the fore – and whats more, in Karlsruhe!” he exclaimed.

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