The day provides an opportunity to sound the alarm about the horrible crime of human trafficking as well as for governments, faith-based organizations and other partners to reaffirm their commitment to end this gross violation of human rights.

The discussion will highlight the gendered dimension of human trafficking and its impact on the rights and dignity of those affected and their families. COVID-19 has further exacerbated the problem as more young people fall prey to traffickers under the guise of employment.

Trafficking in persons is the second highest level of organized crime which affects thousands of families globally,” said Rev Nicole Ashwood, WCC programme executive for Just Community of Women and Men. Yet the people who are trafficked are rendered invisible both nationally and internationally. It is important that the WCC and the LWF highlight the issue, as far too often the traffickers go unpunished.

Speakers will focus on raising awareness of the problems of human trafficking among youth and children, especially amid COVID-19. Participants will discuss impacts of human trafficking, including trauma, depression, suicide, sexually transmitted diseases, and unplanned pregnancies among youth and teens. The webinar will also provide tangible contextual responses to human trafficking from faith-based organizations.

Interpretation will be available in French, Spanish and international sign language.

Please register for the webinar in advance

Stop the Flow: Let’s End Human Trafficking - World Day Against Trafficking in Persons webinar