Rev. Dr Lesmore speaks at a FBO side event at the COP27

Rev. Dr Lesmore G. Ezekiel speaks during a FBO side event at the COP27


The All Africa Conference of Churches, through its initiative the African Faith Actors Networking for Climate Justice, is participating in side events during COP27, as well as in gatherings both before and after.

We recognize the fact that we are people of faith, and therefore our motivation for issues related to climate justice or climate change is inspired by our faith, so we draw inspiration from the sacred texts,” said Ezekiel. We are here in COP27 because it is a space for the convergence of all key stakeholders in the discourse around what affects our common mother earth, and it affects our common humanity, and so this space is very critical.”

Ezekiel said he valued the different perspectives he has been able to hear during COP27 side events.

Actually my popular slogan, even as an individual but also collectively, is that issues of climate change are matters of life and death,” he said. So we remind those with political power, with economic power that they cannot trade with issues of climate change, they cannot do business with issues of climate change.”

In attending COP27, Ezekiel added, he has made many discoveries.

We have seen how issues of climate change negotiations have not been done honestly,” he said. We see there are some forms of cosmetics that need to be challenged.”

The All Africa Conference of Churches and the African Faith Actors Networking for Climate Justice will host a post-COP27 event in Rwanda about two weeks after the climate talks end.

During that event and others, the All Africa Conference of Churches has demonstrated that it values collaborating with different institutions and organizations that are engaging young people.

The young people are at the forefront of our engagement,” Ezekiel said, citing a recent All Africa Youth Congress, hosted by the All Africa Conference of Churches, during which youth demanded action on climate change.

Nearly 1,000 young people from all over Africa gathered there, and they made it clear that the issues of climate change cannot be negotiated anymore, but rather that there must be action.”

This action will be underscored by faith, Ezekiel added. First is a recognition that there is a God that we serve, and who recognizes the challenges that people are going through,” he said.

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