The Pilgrimage of Justice, Reconciliation, and Unity is a paradigm for journeying together as one ecumenical movement—a call to walk, pray, and act together bearing witness to the love of God in Christ for all creation. It serves as an overarching direction for the life and work of the WCC as a fellowship of churches. Inspired by an ecumenical theology of companionship, the pilgrimage is supported by a reference group that reflects both the membership of the WCC and the wider ecumenical movement. 

The reference group advises the WCC general secretary on the development of the pilgrimage. It serves until the WCC 12th Assembly in 2030.

The reference group will help to develop an ecumenical theology of companionship as an invitation to be church with others as well as methodologies to engage member churches and ecumenical partners in journeying and acting together for justice, reconciliation, and unity.

The group will present an update on its work to the WCC executive committee in June 2024.