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WCC 10th Assembly, Republic of Korea, Busan, 2013. Workshop on Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Reconciliation Processes in the Nordic Countries. Church of Norway, Church of Sweden, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. Tore Johnsen from Norway, Ylva Sarri from Sweden and Erva Niittyvuopio from Finland.


The deadline for proposals is 31 October.

Brunnen,” a German word for well,” will be a space for encounter and sharing, satisfying ones thirst, greeting a visitor and welcoming a stranger at the assembly.

Brunnen also has a spiritual meaning: a space that shows diversity, as well as existing and expected unity.

Workshops will run for 90 minutes with 25-50 participants exploring a specific theme. There are 100 workshop spaces available. The WCC welcomes applications from member churches, ecumenical partners and WCC networks.

Brunnen workshop applications are coming in from member churches and ecumenical partners around the world, said Rev. (Kay) Kyeong-Ah Woo, who is coordinating the Brunnen Programme for the assembly.

Rev. (Kay) Kyeong-Ah Woo

Rev. (Kay) Kyeong-Ah Woo.


Woo summarized some of the workshops proposed so far and urged others to submit their applications by 31 October.

Some workshop titles already include: 

"Analysing the Role of Religion in National Conflicts Resolution and Reconciliation,” from Zambia, to identify better ways which religious leaders can used in conflict resolution, reconciliation and peace-building in society.

"Justice and Peace: affirming human dignity and addressing inequality together,” from South Africa, to address issues of justice and equality.

Double-Hospitality: A Holistic Approach for the Church to Welcome Persons with Disabilities,” from Indonesia.

Spirituality and Aging; Sharing Insights across Cultures and Faith Traditions,” from the United States, sharing how people address their growing spirituality in older age from different cultural perspectives.

Women Leadership in the Church - beyond ordination,” and Discipleship and mission in a (post)secular context,” from Switzerland.

Racism and reparations,” from the United States.

Woo said that the Brunnen workshops will be a vital part of the assembly. We will encounter both inspirational and practical dialogue on issues of common concern and emerging challenges,” said Woo. This is our chance to engage with one another and encourage each other to put our faith into action.”

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