Prof. Dr Fabien Revol portrait

Can you describe your outlook during the book launch?

Dr Revol: It was a beautiful time of sharing the different dimensions of the activities of the Francophone Society on the Theology of Ecology. The people who attended were all very interested and concerned, including those from the WCC Ecumenical Institute at Bossey. With all having a background in theology, it was interesting to then discuss the book. The book launch was an opportunity for us to show ourselves during our very first public event! It was so important that we explained the history of our society, and we wanted to explain the different aspects of our work. We were also attentive to promote the atmosphere of work within the society—especially the connections between the countries from the global north and the countries of the global south. A quarter of our members come from Africa—the French speaking Africa. It was important to show how we work in an ecumenical context and a context of solidarity. We are very happy with the collaboration with the WCC for the last three years, and we are looking forward to further opportunities!

How will you raise awareness that the book is now available?

Dr Revol: We are planning the means of communication now. I created a few days ago the Facebook page, on which there is the book. This year we have the project of working on a website. It’s the very beginning; we are studying the means of creating the website.

What are some upcoming additional projects?

Dr Revol: We are doing a project related to eco-theology for French-speaking Africa. We are aware that the English-speaking countries of Africa are more advanced on the issues, so we want to strengthen the Francophone side of the research. We have already 15 texts written by the African members of the society. We want to get them in one review and publish it next year.

Eco-justice seminar delves into spiritual dimensions of caring for the cosmos