Marwin Hurtado

Rev. Marwin Hurtado, general secretary of the Presbyterian Church of Colombia


The WCC executive committee met in Bogota, Colombia, from 6-11 June, where the governing body focused not only on the business of the WCC but also on absorbing the life and witness of churches at the heart of the Pilgrimage of Justice, Reconciliation, and Unity.

“The fact that the World Council of Churches has visited us in Colombia is not only important because they are here in Colombia but because of the vision they have in supporting and accompanying the peace process,” says Hurtado.

“As we well know, the process has been a long road, with its high moments and low moments, with many obstacles that are not a secret to anyone, and it is important to see that other ecclesial realities, that other perspectives are not only coming to listen but to see how they can contribute and how they can accompany.”

This widens the perspective of the quest for peace, Hurtado observes. 

“This gives us the confidence that this is not just a Colombian process, that is not just a dream of us Colombians but that many other countries and many other visions—that also have their own conflicts and situations—allows us to dream of a peace that not only reaches the Colombian borders but seeks to extend beyond,” he says. 

“I believe that, as a Presbyterian church seeing that the WCC is paying attention to this reality, and that it is usually accompanying us—visibly assisting, listening, participating, proposing, giving its point of view, gives us confidence, gives us reassurance, gives us peace of mind in all this walking—and what draws my attention the most or what gives me the most peace of mind, is that I have been able to participate and see it directly. It not only remains in a few words, on a sheet of paper for a report, but there really is interest.”

He expresses appreciation for people who made a long trip to listen to the realities in Colombia. 

“I consider one of the things that should not be lost is the commitment of the churches, and that is why I love everything that I have been participating with in the WCC, and seeing each member that, from their realities and from their theological objections, wants to contribute for peace,” he says. “I consider that this cannot be lost.”

He reflects on the deep message the presence of the World Council of Churches in Colombia brings to the world.

“When churches stop talking about peace, I believe they will lose their purpose and meaning and until today, seeing that a lot of people from different countries, from different places are meeting to dream of peace—that brings a lot of hope and confidence,” he says. "And I believe that this is the best message we can share.”

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WCC executive committee brought historic steps on pilgrimage in Colombia (WCC news release, 14 June 2024)